Victorian Street Fair Whitehead County Antrim, Northern Ireland

© Meg Learner 2015

Most of the shops in Whitehead decorate themselves with a Victorian theme, for the Victorian Street Fair, as many of them were built during Victorian times and the shopkeepers and shop assistants dress in typical Victorian costume. Many customers and visitors also take the opportunity to dress up in Victorian costume and wander through an authentic Victorian Christmas experience. Whitehead’s Victorian Street Fair has become a popular day out for visitors from all over the province, who come to see the many Victorian type attractions, visit the Market / Fair in the Community Centre and just wander through the streets of this Victorian era town watching all the street attractions, such as fire eaters, the Grinch, a Penny-farthing cyclist, the candle-lit carol singers, ride in a horse and carriage and eat typical Victorian food. If you are coming to the Street Fair, are you going to dress up? Have you already got something that would do? Or maybe you are going to make a costume, hire one or even buy a Victorian Costume?

An annual event at the end of November/ start of December, where the whole town becomes part of a Victorian Christmas and incorporating the Christmas Carol Service, switching on the Christmas Lights and the Christmas fireworks display. TIME TO PLAN YOUR COSTUME. What will you dress up in this year?

Saturday 28 November 2015!

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