Victorian Street Fair Whitehead County Antrim, Northern Ireland

© Meg Learner 2015

Guide To Victorian Costume

Half the fun of going to Whitehead's Victorian Street Fair, is being able to dress up in a Victorian Costume and walk around the streets viewing others similarly garbed.  You might like to take the opportunity to dress up as a Victorian Lord or Lady or maybe a servant or even a beggar and you may wish to dress up any children coming along with you. Most girls enjoy dressing up and boys may like the opportunity to dress as a chimney sweep or street sweeper! Here are some ideas to help you along in your costuming journey.

Original Clothing

Many of the original clothes of the Victorian era were made of heavy wools, cottons, and silks. As the Victorian Street Fair is held in late November / early December each year, warm clothes are usually very welcome, especially once the sun has gone down.

Options for your Costume

Perhaps the most important decision to make comes in the form of tailoring. Do you want to go to the expense of having a bespoke costume, made and measured to your exact specification? Or would a more affordable off the rack option suit you better? Alternatively, you can get a pattern and make your own. All three options have their pros and cons. Of course, you may already have some Victorian clothing saved from an ancestor! That would truly be a great costume to wear to the Street Fair.

Enjoy Yourself

Whether you come in costume or just as you are, have fun and enjoy your costume of choice!

Many of the pictures on this site are original Victorian graphics from contemporary sources, courtesy of The Old Design Shop.